Captain Morgan’s

Compositing & CGI

Traffik came to us to clean up these images after being approved by the client. We took it one step further and used some CGI to make it look more realistic than the original comps.

Post Processing Steps

This project started out as a simple cleanup job. Take the existing comps and clean them as best as possible in a tight deadline. We fell in love with the creative and couldn’t help but take it to the next level. Still working with the original stock images, we also used CGI to create a better final product.

Final Product – Posters and Web
DCCM_150836_Poster_Mardi_Gras_17x23_ITM_00107435 DCCM_150836_Poster_Beach_17x23_ITM_00107433 DCCM_150836_Poster_Ski_17x23_ITM_00107430