Nissan Sweeps

Photography, Compositing, and CGI

We worked with Adrian Cooper in producing this direct mailer for Nissan. The elements were also used for both online and POS.


We went into CGI right away to solve the problems of how to get these many people around an outdoor table. We used stick figures that were close to height and size of the models for placement. This helped prevent possible pitfalls on the day of the shoot. We were also able to shoot different variations and span the models out throughout the day

SWEEPS 2014 - Poses Posabilities-1

Post Production

The way the art director had laid out this mailer, created some challenging problems to solve. We worked closely with the AD to make sure the end product would unravel as expected. The biggest challenge was making the main shot work within the whole design of the mailer. We started out by utilizing CGI in the pre-production phases to place all the people around the table to make sure it would work. We also used that same pre-production image to choose where all the models would be and it also helped us make model selection based on location in the final image.

Final Product – Direct Mail, Online assets and POS

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